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Laser Engineering and Resources Consultants Limited, is a Nigerian indigenous company that renders services to the oil and gas industry. Registered in 1990 with her roots in the university, the vision of LASER is to become an enduring organization that utilizes available resources to solve intellectual aspects of problems in the oil and gas industry.

The Company started with manpower development, and today, Laser Engineering has expanded its scope of operations to include complete reservoir management studies involving all aspects of petroleum engineering, geology, field development planning and economics. Laser also undertakes PVT Laboratory services, Environmental services, Flow Assurance services and Slickline services. Laser now owns a mercury-free PVT laboratory which is the first of its kind in West Africa.

Laser runs a Government accredited Geoscience School known as Laser Petroleum Geosciences Centre (LPGC) which has been grooming geoscientists for the Oil and Gas Industry.

Laser also acquired a down-hole sampling tool to complement both the PVT and Slickline services. In 2018, the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Dr Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu, commissioned our Research Laboratory where we undertake relative permeability and enhanced oil recovery studies. We project that we will open Core Analysis and Production Testing Units to make Laser a one-stop-company for the Oil and Gas Industry. LASER renders high quality, cost-effective professional service to its clients. The Company is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Our clients include, Shell, SNEPCO, NNPC, AGIP, TOTAL E & P, EXXON-MOBIL, PANOCEAN, NPDC, R&DNNPC, MONIPULO LTD., CHERON, SEPLAT, ADDAX, ENERGIA etc.
The major strength of LASER is her staff. We equally have a team of professionals who are dedicated and loyal to the vision of transforming the Company into a world-class consultancy outfit offering the best services to enhance the productivity and performance of clients in the oil and gas industry. Our motto is "Teamwork and Innovation" and we are known for quality service delivery which has won us incentives on jobs executed.
An overview of our services is as follows:
  1. Reservoir Management Studies
Laser undertakes integrated reservoir management studies for clients. Such studies may involve material balance calculations, seismic review and interpretation, petrophysical analysis, field and well reviews, geological modeling, single well modeling, field-wide reservoir simulation and development of a Field Development Plan. We have state-of-the-art stimulators for such studies. We also maintain a good relationship with local and overseas software developers.
To help small companies and marginal field operators, we have Reservoir Management Teams that can be dedicated to supporting their operations on a monthly or annual basis. We do supply manpower, software and hardware, depending on the preference of the client. With this, our clients are guaranteed a cost-effective service.
    2. PVT Laboratory Services
Laser opened the first mercury-free PVT laboratory in Nigeria. All our equipment are state-of-the-art and one of the best in the country. In addition to routine PVT studies, we undertake specialized studies such as flow assurance and wax detection studies, miscibility studies, crude assay analysis etc. We have experienced personnel who are versatile in running PVT laboratories. In addition to PVT sampling and analysis, Laser renders Environmental studies such as EIA, EER, PIA, compatibility studies, etc and offers full environmental and production chemistry laboratory services.

   2.2 Environmental Services

Laser’s complete suite of Environmental & Laboratory Services and state of the art data collection techniques provides unique insights into the environmental, laboratory and production chemistry aspects of our client’s activities/projects related to air, water (surface, groundwater & formation), soil, oil & gas.

Our Laboratory is certified to ISO 9001 and are in the process of getting ISO 17025 certified as per General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories is the main ISO standard used by testing and calibration laboratories.

We also possess the current Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), the National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA) and the Federal Ministry of Environment permits to render specialist laboratory and environmental services to government institutions, oil/gas exploration & production and manufacturing industry.

Our Environmental services includes: Environmental Consultancy services, Analytical Laboratory services, Production Chemistry services and Microbiology Laboratory services.

  1. Analysis of BHP Analysis and Supervision
We have been analyzing BHP Tests for clients for the past 20 years and have gained a lot of experience, particularly in the Niger-Delta region. We had a running contract for more than ten years with Shell Nigeria, and handled analysis of BHP Tests and training of their BHP contractors. We also supervise tests. In addition to Shell, our other clients include Total, EXXON-MOBIL, Dataline Petroleum Services, as well as Consultancy, Research and Development Unit (CORDEC) of the University of Port-Harcourt. An integral part of a BHP contract is training our clients' staff on appropriate procedures in conducting BHP Tests. We have held over 40 sessions of this training programme and have published a book on General Principles of Bottom-Hole Pressure Test. Our contribution to knowledge on BHP analysis earned the Managing Consultant an appointment as an SPE Distinguished Lecturer for 2001/2002 and 2006/2007 and travelled to many countries to lecture on appropriate procedures for BHP tests and supervision.
  1. Slickline Services
Rendering slickline services is borne out of our desire to improve the quality of BHP data obtained from the field. We acquired state-of-the-art units from ASEP-ELMAR HOLLAND that satisfy the Zone-2 requirements. Our Slickline operations are poised to set new standards in the industry as we bring in our experience and expertise in Bottom-Hole Pressure analysis, and Well Test Supervision, into data gathering for Well and Reservoir Monitoring. In addition to BHP data gathering, we will be able to collect Bottom-Hole fluid samples and render other services such as Well Head Services, Swabbing, etc.
  1. Manpower Development
We have been running short courses for the oil and gas industry since 1990. Most of our courses are specialized and tailored to the need of the industry. We also offer training packages that could result in specialized competence development and an award of a Diploma in our Government accredited Laser Petroleum Geoscience Center. For example, we can take young graduates and experienced workers and train them on the theory and practical aspects of Field Development Planning. We have residential facilities for our trainees. Our courses include the following: Static Reservoir Modeling, Dynamic Reservoir Modeling Field Development Planning, Well Surveillance and Production Enhancement, Effective Report Writing, Presentation Skills, General Principles of BHP Tests, Computerized Well Test Analysis, Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering, Reservoir Simulation, etc.
  1. Research and Development Services
In 2018, Laser commissioned her Research and Development laboratory.  Research and Development services give us the opportunity to undertake in-depth study on our reservoirs and services.  One of the key things in this section is our ability to undertake relative permeability studies using Niger Delta cores at reservoir conditions.  In addition, we perform enhanced oil recovery studies using both foreign chemical and locally obtained chemicals.  We also have a mini refinery that enables us investigate the performance of different crude oil during refining.
LASER is moving in the right direction towards achieving its goal of becoming a top-class petroleum geoscience company. We are determined and equipped to serve you better if given the opportunity. Our ultimate goal is to achieve a mutually beneficial relationship with all our clients and to contribute to value-added to the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry.
Our Vision
To transform Laser Engineering and Resources Consultants Limited into an enduring Organization that utilizes available resources to solve the intellectual aspects of the problems of Organizations in the Oil and Gas Industry.
Our Mission               
  • To provide excellent services to all clients
  • To add to local content by developing and encouraging use of indigenous resources
  • To develop work ethics that ensure protection of life, property and environment
  • To provide on the job training for the Nigerian youth
Core Values
  • Service Excellence
  • Offering World Class Services and achieving Excellence through diligence
  • Integrity
  • Maintaining a high degree of honesty and sincerity in relating to others and in line with work.
  • Accountability
  • Responsibility for our actions tp Customers, Staff, Government & Regulatory bodies.
  • Respect
  • Utmost Respect and regards for clients, host communities, environmental protection & personnel safety.
Our Strength
Our major strength is our staff. Laser Engineering has a team of dedicated, experienced and loyal staff who are working tirelessly to make their mark in the oil industry.
The Company's motto, which is 'Teamwork' and 'Innovation', has been the catalyst for its achievement in the industry. Laser is known for quality jobs achieved through the application of efficient and professional methods. The Company has won incentives for executing jobs professionally.
Our Projections
  • To transform Laser engineering and Resources Consultants into a Top-Class Oil and Gas Servicing Firm.
  • To engage in Data Acquisition for Industries, to mitigate problems encountered in analyzing data collected by vendors who pay little or no attention to appropriate procedures.
  • To develop a Centre of Excellence in Geoscience Manpower Development rated amongst top Ten in Africa.
  • To establish Branches of Laser Engineering Consultants in other African countries.
  • To build a crop of Consultants who are internationally acclaimed in their various disciplines, to solve knotty problems in the Oil and Gas Industry.
  •                                           Our Policy
We deliver Reservoir Management, Environmental, Manpower, Slickline, Laboratory and Research & Development services in a manner that ensures customers and stakeholder’s satisfaction through the compliance with best practices and provisions for continual improvement.

                                                                    Our Objectives
To achieve this policy, we have adopted the ISO 9001:2015 QMS philosophy to effectively plan, organize and implement the following corporate objectives:
  1. Timeless and cost effective service delivery
  2. Ensuring maintenance and updating of equipment and infrastructure
  3. Ensure that employees are competent and motivated
  4. Ensure the use of quality materials as inputs
  5. Ensure the right environment for service delivery
Professor M. O. Onyekonwu, Ph.D. Stanford
    Managing Consultant